The Secret of Success From Confectioner - 1

Once upon a time there were two friends, Mehnatilal and Buddhilal. Both of them decided to try their luck in a city in selling confections. They set up their shop next to each other. They would wake up in the morning and start with preliminaries of making sweets and others snacks.

They went on growing with the time. However after some time, Mehnatilal's business stopped growing while Buddhilal made progress by leaps and bounds. Mehnatilal became jealous of his friend and did not talk to him.

Buddhilal became owner of a reputed and well established business. While Mehnatilal continued to be a street vendor.

He accepted that my friend is more successful than I am and hence I should seek his counsel. One day, Mehnatilal decided to go to his friend. He said, "Friend, we both had the same economic background. We also started our confectionary business together. But how come you are so successful than I am?"

Buddhilal replied, "The secret lies in the Pan."

"Pan?" bewildered he asked.

"You are a very hard working person, my dear." replied Buddhilal, "But it is not only the hard that makes one successful. Do you remember when did you last clean you pan in which you dip fry confections?"

"I clean it once a year."

"And I do it everyday." Buddhilal continued, "I cleaned it everyday that saved my time and energy of making confections. Moreover, customers also like to buy from a shop which keeps its pan clean."

Everyone has to find their pan. Mine is mind which I clean everyday. What's yours?