The Cost of Self Discipline

Abhishek Kadam (name changed) is a director of a small company engaged in the rental and leasing of office space. He has 600 square feet office in the most expensive business tower of the city. The office space is divided into cabins and He has a team of 9 people including office boy. I told Abhishek that I will be observing his way of working and understand the culture of the organization. After some time Abhishek gets immersed to his work. He receives a phone call from a potential client who says something to Abhishek. He then asks another employee to check it. As they check it, they find there is some confusion. Meanwhile Abhishek receives another call.

It is lunch time. Four members are having lunch in the next cabin. Abhishek can see them through the transparent glass partition. He goes and almost shouts at one of the employees for not attending a customer. The employee assures to attend customer after lunch. Two female employees are also having lunch there.

Lunch is over. Some 40-50 pages of unnecessary print outs have been given. Abhishek yells at a female employee for being callous on printing pages. She argues that Abhishek had not given him proper instructions. Abhishek and she argue for a minute.

Abhishek turns to me and says, “This is what I want to change.”


“No. The behavior of my team.” He replies.

We now talk. I ask him to make a list of the changes he wants to see in entire team. I then explain his something. He accepts that the change must begin from him. We discuss and decide measureable goals for tomorrow. The first being with Abhishek on reaching office at 9:50 am. He wanted to achieve it for months. We do reverse planning. Then we discuss his responsibility to and dependency on his family. We depart.

I send him a message at 8 pm on being ready for the transformation. No response. I give a call which is unanswered.

It is next morning. I text a congratulation message to Abhishek. No response. I give a call. No response. I make a call at 9:50 am and other two more calls in an interval of approx. 30 minutes each. Third call is answered by an employee of Abhishek. She asks me to call him at his personal number.

I finally speak to him after 24 hours.

“Did you reach office at 9:50 am?” I asked.

“No sir.”

“Well Abhishek, I am increasing my OD consultancy fee by 50% for making sure that the horse not only goes to the pond but drinks water too.” I replied while editing the proposal.